About Me


Our Background

EW Transport, Inc & Car Expo US, Inc are sister companies, which are part of a group of entities that have set up as a network that can provide vehicles from different countries worldwide that are not easily available on the markets. Trusted and backed financially, our enterprise is capable of delivering over 1,000+ vehicles annually. With the combined efforts of our partnered companies  in different ends of the world, we have created an expansive international outreach. The only objective left is becoming a large and renowned player in the car exporting industry, which is what the Group has sights on next. 


Our Expertise

We mainly expertise on looking for new vehicles that are mostly a deficit and are not easily available on the market. Our experience and knowledge of all logistical details allow us to provide a comfortable experience to our customers. 


Our Customers

Our customers are mostly large import auto dealers all over the world. Our secret to success is to make our customers feel comfortable and to be our successful business partners.